Monday, November 15, 2010


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Endhiran movie is a super hit movie. Watch Endhiran super hit movie online click on the title of the movie if you are at the home page.

One of the fantastic movie of all time, it had a great success running to packed houses in all theatres released. There is no other Indian movie which has run so successfully as this movie did.

Now consider this. What if the songs were more good than as it is. The songs melody and musics are not to the mark in this movie. The songs is not melodious enough to go about humming. The music is on a very low score.

Imagine what it would be if the songs of Endhiran was of top quality. How did Shankar miss about this. How in the first instance these songs in Endhiran were accepted.

Many would have thought that after some days the song will be good to hear but even after one month the songs are not the one we can love to sing ourselves.

Neverthless I can surely say the success of this film is surely Rajnikanth and no other. Put some other actor in his place and film would have flopped miserably. On the other hand this film is must to watch at least twice. First time you can enjoy the acting of Robo Rajini. Second time you should concentrate on the Scientist Rajini actions. You will find the superb action there too.

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